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f_019_3_featured_orig.jpgBasketball is a sport that requires good if not amazing shooting skills. This is because the goal of this sport is to be able to shoot the ball into the hoop and gain points for the team. Now, here are some shooting drills for basketball that may be able to improve one’s shooting skills.

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Number one: Floor shooting drill. This drill helps to develop a shooter’s touch on the pads of the hands and fingers, and it helps to create a consistent shooting motion with your shooting arm as well. It is a great drill for developing follow-through and a positive visualization. In order to perform this drill, you should lie down on your back and hold the ball in a shooting position. Shoot the ball in the air by extending your arm, letting your wrist naturally propel the ball up into the air, holding your shooting arm straight while the ball is in the air, and catching the ball with your shooting hand on the pads of your hand and fingers.

Number two: 21.

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Basketball Drills For Shooting – Prolific Basketball Shooting

In basketball, you need to be able to accurately shoot the ball into the basket to score points for your team. That is probably what separates the pros from amateurs” their amazing ability to shoot the ball successfully into the basketball ring. This leads us to wonder what the secret is. Well, the “secret” isn’t really a secret. It’s all basketball drills for shooting. Here are just some of them. Individual Basketball Shooting Drills – Prolific Basketball Shooting

Professional basketball players don’t become pros and have everything easy. They have to practice, train, and work on their skills so that they will be able to continuously improve their game. In the same way, they would have to improve their shooting skills by engaging in a variety of individual basketball shooting drills. Here, now, are some examples. Prolific Basketball Shooting – Basketball Shooting Technique

If you are a basketball player, then you should know how important it is that you know how to accurately shoot the ball. That is why it is also crucial that you know a basketball shooting technique or two that will help you shoot the ball with great accuracy. Here, now, are some examples. Taylor Allan Prolific Basketball Shooting Review

Do you want to know how to have a flawless shooting stroke, an unlimited range on your jumper, a lightning-quick release, and a devastating series of unstoppable scoring moves that rapidly turn you into a lethal scoring machine? If yes, then what you need is Prolific Basketball Shooting by Taylor Allan. With this drill, you should divide your players or team up into three to five lines. Place the lines in the corner, wing, foul line, opposite wing, and opposite corner or where ever you want them to shoot from. Shoot and follow your own shot, pass back to the line that you were in, and return to that line. Keep doing this until a group reaches 21.

Number three: Westhead drill. This drill is great for enhancing muscle memory through physical and mental practice. Adapted from Paul Westhead who has been a college and professional basketball coach for about thirty years, this drill helps develop hand-eye coordination as well. To perform this drill, shoot five shots and picture five successful shots in your mind. Shoot five more shots, close your eyes, and picture five successful shots. Open your eyes and shoot five, and take five real shots with your eyes closed.

These are just three shooting drills for basketball that may be able to improve your shooting skills and help you become the amazing shooting machine that people will admire.

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